Buy to Rent investments

Property Development requires a huge amount of: research, time, physical work and capital in order to be successful, however if carried out correctly can result in large profits. Ruby Slippers can assist people looking to invest in property in Barcelona by:

  • – Advising investors of up and coming areas
  • – Pin pointing properties with potential reform value
  • – Purchasing properties under market value
  • – Finding and contracting the best reform company


  • We look to achieve a minimum of an 5% annual yield on rentals
  • We look to achieve a minimum of an 25% return on sales
  • You will receive profit as often as the product makes it
  • The service is personable and will keep investors updated weekly
  • The process is completely transparent
  • You are able to visit the asset at any point
  • You choose whether to rent yourself and when
  • We will advise you thought every step